'AURA', a German word, meaning 'Emmanuel'.
Its aesthetics was conceptualized by Walter Benjamin, a German philosopher.
He believed that art had the nature of Emmanuel and its charm made art attractive to human being.
Because of the charm of art, artists were typical while artworks were unique.

  • Painting Jam

    We provide Western Painting jam, Chinese painting jam, Printmaking jam etc. with a reasonable price.

  • Art Courses

    Different Art Courses instructed by professional tutors and artists are eligible for art lovers.

  • Art Workshops

    AURA is also a workshop centre that is specialized in holding art-related events.

  • Art Party

    AURA provides substantial party services, we are experienced in planning parties for business organizations, private club houses, schools etc.

  • Art Gallery

    AURA is also a gallery venue available for artists looking to present their work to a wider audience.

  • Art Store

    We sell art tools, for both wholesale and retailing. Different styles of framing services, customized canvas, oil/wall paintings are also available.

Our Team

We have a professional team with solid knowledge in art field to provide you valuable experiences in art.
Our art tutors also are experienced, we have our own prespective and vision in art education to share with you our though.

  • Mr. Michael Yiu Founder

  • Ms. Amy Lau Business Manager

  • Mr. Joseph Wong Art Tutor

  • Mr. Zacas Yeung Art Tutor

  • Mr. Marco Wong Art Tutor

  • Ms. Alice Lee Art Tutor