Art Workshop

W1009 | Body Paint Workshop 人體彩繪工作坊

What would you feel if your body becomes a canvas? Body painting workshop is a new art form, instructors will teach participants to use special skin pigment with special skill to painted on the body, it will be a very interesting art experience for you!

Audience: age 12 or above
No. of Lesson: 1 lesson
Duration of each lesson: 2 hours
Fee: $780 (Materials fee included)




W1010 | Book Binding Workshop 手造書工作坊

In workshop, you will use different materials and paper to make a hand-made book or peronal notebook. Included the skill of bookbinding, also some simple illustration techniques. Let's capture your ideas and create your own book.

Audience: age 12 or above
No. of Lesson: 1 lesson
Duration of each lesson: 2.5 hours
Fee: $680 (Materials fee included)




W1011 | Paper Art 造紙藝術

Papermaking is one of China's four great inventions with a long history. In workshop, participant will know how to make a paper with beautiful texture in an environmentally-friendly way.

Audience: age 12 or above
No. of Lesson: 1 lesson
Duration of each lesson: 2 hours
Fee: $480 (Materials fee included)




W1012 | Hot Painting Art 烙畫藝術

Use hot painting technique, creating vintage feeling art works, make your home deco more artistic.

Audience: age 14 or above
No. of Lesson: 1 lesson
Duration of each lesson: 2 hours
Fee: $380 (Materials fee included)



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Good news for everyone! Now you are welcome to register for a AURA ART "24 Hours Painting Card", which provide a chance for you to play painting jam hourly! You can paint at any time within our working hour with an average $40 per hour only! Let's join today and create a masterpiece!



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Family Painting

You can choose to have a family painting jam for: 1 Adult+ 1 Child: 30% off for the child 2 Adult + 1 Child: 50% off for the child With two 30 x 30cm canvas or one 40 x 40cm canvas

Terms and Conditions

Application and Payment

Method 1) Make payment and application form in person to our school 1 week before the course starting date.
Method 2) Download form and email your application form to *
Method 3) Fax your application form to *3544 1213
* After receiving the e-mail or fax, we will send you an email confirmation about the registration. After receiving the confirmation letter, Please pay the tuition fee to our bank account within 3 days. Also keep the deposit slip (specify the student's name) e-mail or fax back to us.

Account Name: AURA ART
Hang Seng Bank No.: 264-506197-883

1) Regular course student enrolled in four lessons can leave once, only accompanied by the following criteria before they can be arranged a make-up lesson:
i) Leave : must be notified two days ago ; ii) Sick leave: required to provide a medical certificate
The school admits the leave will be extended one ; failure to close above conditions attached will be no make-up lesson. For Non-regular course, there are no make-up lesson.
2) 2) AURA ART's student can enjoy 10% off in Art Store.
3) Finished the non-regular and reach 80% attachent, or finished regular course 16 lessons or above and reach 80% attachent are eligible for certificate application. $50 certificate fee will be charged.
4) For regular course, a make-up course will be auto-postponed on the expiry date when the black rainstorm or typhoon signal no.8 take effect. (Red rainstorm or typhoon signal no.3 effective for Children Course) As bad weather lowered to two hours before, the class will be as usual and absence will not make it up. For Non-regular course, there are no make-up lesson.
5) Please pay the tuition fee before the first lesson, otherwise it would not be arranged the class.
6) Once accepted onto a course, the student may not change to another course.
7) Places in form of a first-come. Fees and places on courses cannot be transferred from one applicant to another.
8) School may depends by site or staff arrangment and requires students to postpone the class.