想找適合自己人數和地點的場地舉行派對?我們定能滿足您的需要!AURA ART 至今已為很多團體舉辦派對活動,製造無數快樂的難忘時光!



• 盆景藝術 | Terrarium Art
• 有田燒 | Arita
• 馬賽克藝術 | Mosaic Art
• 手造陶土 | Clay Jam
• 中國畫 | ChinesePainting
• 西洋書法 | Calligraphy
• 蝶古巴特藝術 | Decoupage Art
• 版畫藝術 | Printmaking
• 藝術繪畫 | Painting Jam
• 俄羅斯娃娃 | Russian Doll


Additional Service 增值服務



請即查詢 : (852) 2886 2359 /

AURA ART providing private use concessions for any commercial institutions, private organizations, schools and other organizations, hold a birthday party, Team Building, Gathering, learning especial experience, Painting Jam & Exhibition, etc.

Inquiries and appointments : (852) 2886 2359 /

合作客戶 (合作商號如未能盡錄,敬請原諒)


TVB (東張西望-主持人譚玉瑛)
TVB (電視節目 - 《老表你好Hea》拍攝)
東TOUCH (第1000期 - 插畫師 JOHN HO 廣告拍攝)
有線電視 (拉近文化)
有線電視 (兒童教育節目拍攝)
Now TV (Spot Light 周柏豪 & 陳詠謙)
Now TV (Spot Light Robynn & Kendy)
Now TV 102台 (歌手李樂詩專訪)
Jesscica (版畫專訪介紹)
Jesscica (邀請AURA ART 負責人:藝術家Michael Yiu參與製作藝術品)
Roadshow (陳嘉桓廣告拍攝)
U magazine (INSTANT ONLY x AURA ART - 春日樂油油 Painting Jam & 即影即有攝影工作坊)
香港電台 (警訊拍攝)
Maji ACG (千言漫語節目【蘇真真專訪】+ Jumbo)

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Classic Art Jam

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Hot Promotion

Good news for everyone! Now you are welcome to register for a AURA ART "24 Hours Painting Card", which provide a chance for you to enjoy painting jam hourly! You can paint at any time within our working hour with an average $52.5 per hour only! Let's join today and create a masterpiece!



Are you an Art Lover? Do you want to buy art tools? If yes, AURA VIP membership program is the best choice for you to save money! We provide various discounts for our valuable members. Let’s join us today to enjoy enjoyable moments and surprises from AURA ART!


Family Painting

For classic painting jam, you can choose to have a family painting jam for:
1 Adlut + 1 Child: 30% off for the child
2 Adult + 1 Child: 50% off for the child