Art Tools Rental 藝術用品租用

If you want to hold a painting party by yourself, you can consider about art tool rental. We have also the delivery service ensure you can enjoy art without difficulties.

藝術用品租用價目表 Art Tools Rental Price Card

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Hot Promotion


Lunch Painting

A Lunch Painting Package is now available! It costs $180 only, for three times of painting jam during 12:30-2pm in every weekdays! It will be a nice activity for you during the lunch break!

Good news for everyone! Now you are welcome to register for a AURA ART "24 Hours Painting Card", which provide a chance for you to play painting jam hourly! You can paint at any time within our working hour with an average $40 per hour only! Let's join today and create a masterpiece!



AURA ART's members can enjoy full year discount. VIPs can have 10% discount in participating painting jam and buy art tool.


Family Painting

You can choose to have a family painting jam for: 1 Adult+ 1 Child: 30% off for the child 2 Adult + 1 Child: 50% off for the child With two 30 x 30cm canvas or one 40 x 40cm canvas