Printmaking Jam 版畫印樂

Printmaking also can jam? Sure! Printmaking Jam is not a workshop, it’s the only one free studio in Hong Kong for you to play with printmaking. We are provide wooden board, plastic board and foamboard for your choose and also the materials, tools and drink. Our professional art tutor will teach you some skill in Printmaking. In here, you can make a friend's portrait on a card as a gift, or print the landscape on the postcards, also could be printed from tote bag or tee with your creations as well. After that you can bring the board to home and keep expressing your imaginations. Let's try!


Terms & Conditions 條款與細則

• Above offer effected on Nov 1, 2016.
• You can select any of 3 hours during our business hours.
• No service charge.
• Charge per head, who do not painting need to join Art Book Cafe, $80 per head can enjoy 3 hours books reading and one drink.
• $30 per half hour for extra time.

• 以上優惠2016年11月1日後生效。
• 請於營業時間內選任何三小時。
• 明碼實價,不設任何雜費。
• 人頭收費,不繪畫者可享用藝術書吧,$80三小時可閱讀書籍及享用飲品一份。
• 加時每位$30半小時。

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Hot Promotion


Lunch Painting

A Lunch Painting Package is now available! It costs $180 only, for three times of painting jam during 12:30-2pm in every weekdays! It will be a nice activity for you during the lunch break!

Good news for everyone! Now you are welcome to register for a AURA ART "24 Hours Painting Card", which provide a chance for you to play painting jam hourly! You can paint at any time within our working hour with an average $40 per hour only! Let's join today and create a masterpiece!



AURA ART's members can enjoy full year discount. VIPs can have 10% discount in participating painting jam and buy art tool.


Family Painting

You can choose to have a family painting jam for: 1 Adult+ 1 Child: 30% off for the child 2 Adult + 1 Child: 50% off for the child With two 30 x 30cm canvas or one 40 x 40cm canvas